Landscape and Lawn Maintenance


  • Trash, sticks, and other lawn debris are collected.
  • Sidewalks and other concrete bordering will be cut by a weed eater and/or lawn edger.
  • Any hillsides, ditches, etc. will be cut with a weed eater.
  • Driveways, sidewalks, and entrances will be blown clean after mowing and edging is complete.

Spring Clean Up

  • Leaves, sticks, and other unwanted winter debris are collected and removed from beds and tree rings.
  • Prune and trim shrubs as needed that are not pruned in the fall.
  • Edge all trees and beds, then apply pre-emergent weed control.
  • Apply one to two inch layer of hardwood bark mulch.

June-July Maintenance

  • Prune and trim all ornamental trees and shrubs as needed.
  • Cultivation of all mulched beds.

September Maintenance

  • Prune and trim all ornamental trees and shrubs as needed.
  • Cultivation of all mulched beds.

Leaf Removal

  • Once the leaves begin dropping in late summer and early fall, mowing crews take extra time to shred the leaves by using mulching blades.
  • When leaves start falling in heavy concentrations, they are gathered together by commercial blowers and are either carried off to an on-site wooded area or hauled away by means of a vacuum and removed off the property.
  • A final leaf removal visit may be performed in December, to leave your property clean and orderly for the winter months.

Vegetation Control

  • Keep all unwanted vegetation in the cracks of sidewalks, patios, and driveways sprayed with Round-Up Weed Killer throughout the growing season.

Bed Maintenance

    Through the growing season we will go through all mulched beds and weed on a weekly basis.


Home and Yard Maintenance Program

Marsetti will come out 4 times a year and perform a major maintenance to your yard. 
Listed below is a sample of tasks that may need to be done for your yard/house during this process. 




Our company specializes in many services which include, but are not limited to:

Pressure washing
Gutter cleaning
Interior/ exterior painting- complete or maintenance
Irrigation repairs
Irrigation program maintenance
Soil amendment
Freshen up planter beds
Sanitize garbage cans
Oil woods
Interior/ exterior lighting maintenance
Annual tree maintenance
Firewood delivery and stacking
Holiday or special occasion decorating
Party setup, servicing, clean up and equipment rental
Concrete, fence and deck staining and sealing

Set or re-set helper posts on fencing
Trimming, pruning
Thatch, aerate, and sand lawns
Paint address on curb
Wash car
Check smoke detectors
clean and maintenance of your BBQ
clean fireplace
clean outside furniture
take out or put away outside furniture
Tighten loose furniture
General hauling
Bring items to local charities
And whatever else your custom tailored maintenance program  would require




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